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When you or a loved one has been arrested, accused, or charged with any crime, Scarfe Law Firm is dedicated to fight for your rights, future, and freedom. With more than a decade of professional experience, our attorney has argued in many jury trials and has negotiated favorable outcomes in thousands of criminal cases in courtrooms across Placer County. More than this, however, is our focus on building strong relationships with every client, as this allows us to create a stronger defense that is targeted to your goals based on the unique circumstances of your case, whether that be a reduction of charges or a complete dismissal, whenever possible. 

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Protecting Your Rights

In California, a felony is any crime that carries more than one year in county jail for a conviction. Being charged with a felony means you must appear in court to face a judge. This can be a frightening proposition, but your future, not to mention your finances and your reputation, is on the line. Misdemeanor cases may appear less serious, especially because your defense lawyer can go to court without you and act as your representative, pursuant to Penal Code 977. These matters should still not be taken lightly, however, as a conviction can still mean time in jail, heavy fines, license suspension, and other penalties that can restrict your freedom. 

In either case, it is important that you protect your rights and retain and attorney as soon as possible. Do not answer police questioning without having your legal representation present, as anything you say can later be used against you. Our firm is available when you need us, so do not hesitate to contact us after an arrest or when you’ve been pulled over. We’ll discuss the potential charges against you and get to the bottom of your side of the story. In addition, we’ll discuss the likely defenses and possible outcomes in your case, the potential costs and fees, and whether we’ll need an investigator or an expert witness.

I will forever be thankful for Ben’s help, and will forever consider him family. If you're in trouble and need someone to help, call Ben and know you have someone working hard on your side.
Ricky T.
Not Guilty
I had two DUI’s and was pulled over during a DUI checkpoint. I was looking at losing my license, losing  job, and everything I had worked so hard for.
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